Even I don’t remember whether I have chosen the design, or the design has chosen me. We have been hanging out together for over 17 years, and 10 years ago a new member joined our duet – interior design.

As a Bachelor of Graphic Design, I worked in publishing and often visited interior design fairs in Milan, Paris, London and Cairo, events that have unexpectedly defined my profession.

Just like human beings, each space is unique, a feature I always consider in my approach, which is individual and attentive. I love simple, clean interiors with an emphasis on details, texture and functionality, deprived of pretentiousness. Also, my love for art is reflected in all the space that I design.

A home is the most intimate place, a peaceful oasis to which we always return, a place where we grow and attach ourselves to for an entire life. Therefore, my happiness, but also the responsibility that comes with project, is enormous. As the interior designer Tony Fornabaio said: “The best interiors make your heart pound” – it is a motto I follow in each of my projects.

Ana Perišin Stipoljev

Vincent Van Gogh

"What is done in love is done well."

“What is done in love is done well.”